About Fortum Oslo Heat, Klemetsrudanlegget

Fortum Oslo Varme produces and distributes renewable district heating in the Oslo region. We ensure the safe and environmentally friendly treatment of residual waste that cannot or should not be recycled, and we recover energy from waste and other environmentally friendly resources to provide green district heating and electricity. Fortum Oslo Varme, the largest supplier of district heating in Norway, is responsible for 36 per cent of all district heating generated in Norway. Fortum Oslo Varme is jointly owned by Fortum and the City of Oslo.

We recover energy from the waste of industry participants in both Norway and abroad to provide environmentally-friendly district heating and electricity. The district heating is distributed to the population of Oslo. The produced electricity is sold to Kinect Energy Group (Bergen Energi AS). The facility is in operation 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

On 22 June 2015, Klemetsrudanlegget AS (KEA) was split off from the Waste-to-Energy Agency as a separate limited company, wholly owned by Oslo municipality.

On 26 April 2017, the City of Oslo entered into an agreement with Fortum, where KEA merges with Hafslund Heat. Fortum will own 50 percent and will have the operational management in the merged company. The changes will be implemented during Fall 2017.

On 4 August 2017, the restructuring between Fortum and the City of Oslo was completed. Fortum takes over as owner of Hafslund power sales business, and main owner and partner with Oslo municipality in Hafslunds district heating business, which merges with Klemetsrudanlegget.

New opportunities

The new company will combine existing district heating and cooling with waste-to-energy, and explore the opportunities to grow beyond today’s operation. The company is working with large development projects, and aims to establish a full-scale carbon capture plant at Klemetsrud. The company will be an important contributor to the green shift, and an even more environmentally friendly and sustainable Oslo.

The Fortum Oslo Varme is managed by CEO Eirik F. Tandberg – Eirik.Folkvord.Tandberg@fortum.no

We accept waste frem
business enterprises and
other who are not covered
by the municipal refuse
collection sheme


  • Construction year: 1983/1986 – new incinerator line (KEA 3) completed in 2011
  • Capacity: 350,000 tonnes per year, 40 tonnes per hour
  • Number of employees: 70 + 5 apprentices
  • Electricity production: 104 GWh per year in 2016 
  • District heating production: 806 GWh per year in 2016
  • Operation: 24 hours a day
  • Bottom ash: Transported for sorting and recovery of metals and post-processing
  • Fly ash: Transported to Noah Langøya
  • Water treatment sludge: Transported to Noah Langøya for final processing 
Private customers may deliver
waste for shredding or disposal
via direct combustion

Fortum Oslo Varme AS, Avd. Klemetsrud


Klemetsrudveien 1
1278 Oslo


Postboks 13
Mortensrud, 1215 Oslo


+47 815 000 53



Org.nr.: 977 296 919