Direct combustion

Hazardous waste
At the Klemetsrud facility, one of the three incinerator lines is dedicated to handling waste which requires special treatment – so-called hazardous waste. Hazardous waste may include infectious waste from hospitals, confidential documents, contraband, narcotics or other waste that requires immediate and secure destruction.

The waste is burned in the same incinerator as other waste, but is not mixed with any other waste prior to combustion.

Biological and pathological waste 
The Klemetsrud facility also features cold storage for biological and pathological waste (body parts and organs) to be destroyed. The pathological waste is stored in UN-approved containers, and is not mixed with other hospital waste.

The facility’s incinerators are not designed for the destruction of biological material, since this requires a temperature higher than that which our incinerators are able to maintain. The company therefore purchases this combustion service in Denmark.

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Direct combustion

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