Invoices informasjon


The Klemetsrud facility shall pay the supplier the price stated on the purchase order or contract. The price shall be excluding VAT and comprise all deliveries and work necessary to complete the service, and which are not specifically excluded.
All invoices shall include:

  • Order number (or contract ID if no purchase order exists)
  • The supplier’s name, address and enterprise number
  • The invoice date and due date
  • The address to which the goods have been delivered
  • The invoice shall clearly state what each individual amount relates to

    The Klemetsrud facility may return invoices which do not satisfy these conditions. Invoice fees and the like will not be accepted.
  • The Klemetsrud facility only wishes to receive electronic invoices (EHF). An invoice fee of NOK 250 will therefore be added to all invoices received via post or e-mail. EHF invoices shall be sent to enterprise number: 915 575 625. If the supplier is unable to send EHF invoices, invoices may be sent to:
    Post: PO BOX 13, Mortensrud, 0215 Oslo (marked “Regnskap (Accounts)”)
  •  The client shall pay within 30 days of receiving the invoice. Payment in no way represents approval of the work.

For purchases made via purchase order

  • All invoices submitted to the Klemetsrud facility shall be a one-to-one match with the relevant purchase order. This means that payment of a purchase order cannot be split over several invoices, and an invoice may not contain more than one purchase order. This means that payment for a product or service will only made when the product or service has been transferred to the Klemetsrud facility in full.

For purchased services

  • If the Klemetsrud facility shall pay for the service in accordance with the hours used or quantities, the supplier shall ensure that the hours or quantities to be invoiced are registered, and ensure that these are approved by the Klemetsrud facility on an on-going basis. The registration documents shall feature the order number or contract ID, and a copy signed by the Klemetsrud facility shall be attached to the invoice.
  • Work based on estimates: If the estimate is exceeded by 20 %, invoices must be approved in writing by the authorised person at the client.
  • If a fixed price, or a total cost framework for a service or part of this has been agreed, this represents the maximum remuneration that may be claimed by the supplier, unless the Klemetsrud facility has approved further remuneration in writing.

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