Prices and conditions


  • NOK 1,983 excl. VAT per tonne for commercial waste
  • NOK 198 excl. VAT per tonne minimum price for commercial waste
  • NOK 7,589 excl. VAT per tonne for waste for direct combustion
  • NOK 785 excl. VAT per tonne minimum price for waste for direct combustion

Payment terms for credit sales are net per 30 days following the invoice date. The facility accepts banker’s acceptances (Bankaksept), Visa and Mastercard. Cash payments are not accepted. 


  • Packaging requirements are agreed in each individual instance
  • Acceptance sampling of the waste will be carried out. The waste shall be emptied for sampling as directed by personnel
  • Waste which does not meet the conditions or which is delivered by customers without an agreement may be refused. In the event of refusal an additional fee of NOK 25,000 excl. VAT will be charged. Klemetsrudanlegget AS shall document the additional fee with e.g. photos. The customer will be informed and documentation submitted before the additional fee is charged
  • Driving within the facility’s areas shall comply with signage and the directions of personnel. The waste shall be emptied at the indicated location. The maximum permitted driving speed is 20 km/h
  • Drivers at the facility shall always wear a high-vis vest, helmet and work clothing in connection with the unloading of waste and handling of vehicles
  • Drivers must follow the safety instructions for the facility

Questions regarding direct combustion?
Contact Marketing and Logistics Coordinator Steinar Kåsin by telephone on +47 911 57 809 or e-mai

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