Safety rules for customers at the facility

Access to the facility

  • Agreements regarding deliveries to Klemetsrudanlegget AS (KEA) are managed via the terms of the relevant contract and facility’s delivery conditions. Access to deliver waste to the Klemetsrud facility is provided by the guard and scale function for the facility. Access is provided in the form of a weight card, which only provides access to drive in and out of the facility.
  • A condition of access is that requirements, rules and instructions are complied with. Violations will be registered and processed. Exclusion from the facility will be the usual reaction. 


  • Driving within the facility’s areas shall comply with signage, road markings and the directions of personnel. The maximum permitted driving speed is 20 km/h
  • Vehicles must not be left idling

High-visibility and protective clothing in receipt hall (Building E) and direct combustion (Building F)

  • High-visibility garments shall be used when moving outside vehicles. At the minimum, the high-visibility garments shall satisfy class 1 (EN ISO 20471), which means a reflective vest or work clothing

Disposal of waste in receipt hall (Building E) and direct combustion (Building F)

  • Follow the signs, markings and instructions provided in the receipt hall
  • Persons shall maintain a distance of at least three metres from the receipt hall’s waste bunkers. This also applies when opening the cargo area, trailer, vehicle or other (hereafter referred to as vehicle)
  • The waste shall be tipped directly from the vehicle into the bunker. If the vehicle type dictates that persons must be outside the vehicle in connection with tipping, either the person shall be secured using personal fall arrest equipment or better, or the tipping shall be performed at the location indicated and as instructed by KEA’s personnel
  • Special conditions apply for waste for direct combustion. Here, the waste shall always be handled as instructed by KEA’s personnel

Reporting of incidents/accidents

  • If you become aware of an incident/accident, notify the receipt hall personnel immediately
  • If no personnel are present on site, immediately notify the facility’s control room on telephone +47 23 48 39 18, or +47 991 53 801. State the who, what and where of the situation

Fire alarm and evacuation

  • In the event of a fire alarm or evacuation order, the facility shall be evacuated immediately
  • If possible, evacuate using the vehicle you arrived in. The driver shall then drive calmly out of the facility, unless this is not appropriate or instructions are given to evacuate on foot
  • Always follow the instructions provided by KEA’s safety personnel. The facility may only be fully left when this is permitted by KEA’s safety personnel
  • If evacuating on foot, evacuate to the mustering point at the east gate (see green circle on the map)

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